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Welcome to, we are the UK’s leading independant website dedicated to keeping you informed of the latest train times and providing cheap train fares online. Our team of experienced travel journalists and rail travel enthusiasts have compiled all the latest national rail time tables and provide expert advice on how to obtain cheap train fares online.

With our in depth knowledge and advice we can help to save you over 80% on your train fares and our money saving, expert tips will help you get the best journey for your buck with the minimum hassle.

You will find below our top money saving tips to enable you to find the cheapest fare available for your particular journey – there are quite a few ways the savvy rail traveller can save on the ever increasing cost of train tickets, and with our help you can make sure you’re not taken for a ride (no pun intended!)

1 – Cheap train tickets, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

If you’re buying your tickets directly from the train station don’t assume that you are being offered the cheapest train fare available at the time. Recent research indicates that you can often get charged a higher price unless you specifically ask for the cheapest train ticket possible.

It’s obvious really, if you ask the rail clerk  ‘can I get a return train ticket to Birmingham?’ then they will normally offer you the one that has the highest markup for the train company. Buying train tickets at the station is often the worst possible way of getting cheap train tickets as once you are there you are seen as a captive market and they have the monopoly to charge whatever they want!

The best advice is to always book your train tickets online, but if there is simply no alternative, and you’re at the station without a ticket in hand, always make sure you get the full list of ticket costs off the clerk first and ensure you select the cheapest train fare possible.

2 – Train fares are cheaper if you book early.

Book your train tickets as early as possible and avoid the last minute travel rush.  The price of train fares in the UK is similar to the airlines pricing model and by getting your tickets as early as possible you won’t be penalised by the law of supply and demand.

You can often pick up a bargain by booking flights at the last minute and the same can be said for train tickets. Bear in mind however, they are not as easy to come by and for the most popular routes on the train line you can pay well over the odds by leaving it too late.

3 – Train Fares – What’s the best time to buy?

For any rail journey, advance planning is your best tactic for cutting costs. Ideally you want to book your tickets about 3 months in advance of your journey as this is when Network Rail has to publish the train time-table.

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By booking so far in advance you can take advantage of lower opening train fares. We do realise this is a tough one though, if you’re anything like us its hard to know what you’re doing next week, let alone months in advance but if you have an event planned in your diary which entails a train line journey, get the tickets sorted ASAP.

4 – The TrainLine’s ticket alerts system

Sign up to this free service offered by and you’ll receive advance warning the moment cheap train fares to your specified location become available.

TheTrainLine will email you the instant any cheap train tickets are available on any routes you specify.

5 – Get cheap train tickets at the last minute!

If you haven’t been able to get your rail tickets well in advance you can still bag a bargain by leaving it till the very last minute. We wouldn’t recommend turning up at the train station hoping to get cheap train fares from the ticket machine but if you try booking online the night before you may find some good savings.

As with the airlines, seats can be left empty and an empty seat is worthless to both airlines and train operators so they can offer massive discounts to the lucky few who check at the right time. Remember though that this method is a bit of a gamble so if your journey is critical, don’t leave things to chance and book early.

6 – Network Rail and the TrainLine Special Offers

These large train operators often run special offers to entice travelers away from their cars, we keep an eye on their websites and publish the discounted fares as soon as they are made live. National Rail also offer season tickets to frequent rail travelers and these are ideal for commuters who use the same route daily on their way to and from work.

The upfront cost of a rail season ticket may seem high, but when you work out the train fares of each individual journey, substantial savings can be made. – check back regularly for the latest rail travel deals and money saving, expert tips.

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