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Cheap Train Fares and Cheap Local Travel

 Below a few tips on finding the best value train fares.

 a)  Season Tickets

 If you travel regularly on the rail network you will benefit by investing in an annual season ticket.  You can also benefit by purchasing either a monthly or weekly ticket. There are other variations on train tickets available.  If you are looking to buy cheap train tickets either online or at the railway station booking office, always check on what other types of train tickets are being offered as below:

b) Rover Tickets

 This is a ticket which can give you some unlimited travel over a specified period of days depending on your travel requirements.

 c) Regional Rail Cards

 Regional railcards will offer you some discounts which can be very substantial, some of the providers of these regional train tickets are:

 Cotswold line Railcard

Devon and Cornwall Railcard

Heart of Wales Railcard

Cambrian Railcard

Highland Railcard

train fares

Pembrokeshire Railcard

Dales Railcard

Valleys Senior Railcard

Valleys Student Railcard

First Capital Connect Student 16/18 card.

 When buying your tickets on the day of travel it will be considerably cheaper if you travel off peak.

 d) Cheap Train Fares in London

  When travelling across  London it will be significantly cheaper to buy one all round ticket for your journey covering you for tube travel also.  Buying separate tickets for each leg of your journey will be costly.

 There is a Groupsave system that operates around London and the South East whereby four people can travel for the price of two when buying off-peak train tickets.  You can only buy these train tickets from a rail station ticket office.

 There is also an unofficial site namely Oyster Rail Website they have detailed knowledge on the Oyster travel train ticket system.

 You will find  the London Transport tickets page will have more information.

 e)  Local Concessionary Travel

 All local councils offer concessionary travel schemes for senior citizens and the disabled in the community.

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