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Cheap Train Tickets and tips on how to find them

 So you have decided that you would like to go on a train journey, taking the trainline is a very good way to travel you can relax and watch the scenery, you miss so much when you go by road and are often too busy avoiding traffic jams, speed cameras and other drivers who should have had their licence taken off them long ago.

One of the best ways to get a cheap train ticket is to book in advance but you must be quick as these offers do not last long. These days many rail companies offer a single ticket and some of these train fares are at a discounted rate.

Off-Peak means cheaper train tickets

Another way to get cheaper train tickets is to travel off-peak, these times can be after 9am and after 6pm, and you will have to check with the rail companies as these times will vary. Also if you opt to travel mid week you will save on your train fare.  Being flexible with your travel arrangements can get you some fantastic deals on train tickets.

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Should you need to travel at peak time you will very rarely get a good saving unless of course you take advantage of the booking in advance offers.

There are many ways you can book your train tickets, but the best way for the great deals is to book online.  You will not have to pay a booking fee when you purchase your tickets online. In some cases you could find your tickets cheaper if you book one way tickets and not returns.

 Researching carefully is the key to getting cheap train tickets online.

Travel websites will often offer discounted train tickets.  Checking online will give you the chance to compare train fares and give you the opportunity to choose the train fare and times that will suit you and your pocket.

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