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Cheap Train Travel can be good news for the environment

The environment is of primary importance, both now and for future generations.  As with any industry there are  always concerns about pollution.  Some benefits can be had by trains hauling heavy goods as opposed to huge lorries and commercial vehicles which can damage our roads, cause traffic jams and pollute our cities.

Some folks are concerned about the amount of pollution the trains of old can create but with new technology and new train engine designs the manufacturers have come a long way in decreasing the amount of pollution their trains release.  The planting of flowers and trees along railway lines are also helping to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the air.

Noise pollution is another worry.  People who live near train tracks very often complain about the noise.  Railway companies have to consider this when new tracks are being laid. There are changes being implemented by the many  rail companies to reduce vibrations and noise that coming from passing trains.

In large cities where train travel is the norm such as London, the pollution is greatly reduced in the air by not having thousands of extra cars on the roads as many use the London Underground to get around the capital.

When land is cleared for the laying of new train tracks environmentalists do worry about the loss of forest and land that is cleared but this is offset by the reduction in carbon footprint that is achieved when the train line reaches its full capacity.

Take the train line for greener travel

As well as allowing passengers time to relax or catch up on their work, its a well know fact that one of the greenest methods of transport is train travel.  Train companies are constantly looking into new technologies and methods to make train travel more efficient and even kinder to the environment.

New initiatives for environmentally friendly train journeys

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Meridian trains into and out of London incorporate a new ‘Energy Saving Mode’.  Like the ‘stop start’ technology on some newer cars that turn the engine off when stopped at traffic lights or in traffic jams, train engines can be easily turned off when waiting at train stations which in turn reduces noise pollution and carbon emissions. Unfortunatley this energy saving measure leads to a compromise in comfort and facilities while the train is in this mode as heating and air conditioning is reduced along with the interior lighting.  Passengers using the power points by their seats will find that these too are switched off at this time, but have no fear – once on the move, normal power is restored so you can continue charging your phone!

Elsewhere, fuel additives are being used to improve efficiency and cut down on emissions. During a recent trial of such additives, East Midlands Trains discovered a reduction of 4% in emissions.  A promising trial indeed.

Carbon reductions – let the train take the strain

Lets face it, the UK roads are fast becoming a nightmare to use and the simple pleasures of going for a drive at the weekend are long gone.  Traffic snarl ups, never ending road works, speed cameras, extortionate fuel prices, far to many cars on the roads of this small island – the road network is slowly grinding to a halt.  Forget the car and all such hassles and let the train take the strain, you will arrive at your destination far more refreshed and relaxed and with no penalty points on your licence – you will also massivley reduce tyour pesky carbon footprint in the process!

Most major train stations in the Midlands such as Nottingham, Derby and Leicester have reduced car parking rates to encourage road users to make the switch to rail. Another brilliant green choice is good old pedal power. Many London train stations have free bike-storage facilities with built in CCTV and  security, allowing commuters to cycle to the station and safely store their bike for their return.

In todays increasingly polluted towns and cities the venerable old train is really coming of age and showing the way forward for green passenger travel.

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