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A guide to selecting the best National Rail tickets

How do you define ‘the best’ train tickets – we all have different ideas of what is best for us. For some its first class comfort on the Orient Express, for others its simply a matter of getting from A to B as quickly, safely and cheaply as possible!

By having a look at our quick guide you can decide what your main priorities are and be better equipped to hunt down the best possible rail ticket for your needs:

Convenience of Travel by Rail

 How far is your nearest railway station and is it convenient for you when you arrive at your destination.  Are you getting enough leg room is the carriage well ventilated and is there enough room for your luggage.  These are questions are what you should think about  before booking your cheap train ticket as you do want your journey to be a pleasant experience.

Newer Trains are Far More Comfortable

 Like convenience, comfort should be uppermost in your mind especially if you are on a long cross country  journey.

There are plenty of reviews online of different rail operators for you to peruse for you to make an informed decision as to who you travel with.  Your first port of call for the most unbiased opinions is

 Short Rail Journeys or Long Distance

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Find out which train operators have the long distant routes and those who only run on a local network.  Another factor especially on the long distance routes is how many times do you have to change train, this can be very inconvenient especially if you have large suitcases to carry.

 Price of the Train Fares

 This can often be the most important influence in deciding which train ticket to buy.  Buy in advance if at all possible, avoid peak time travel and be flexible on your journey times to reduce train fares. Bearing in mind these options could result in you getting a cheap train ticket.

 Quality of Service from the Train Line

 What sort of service is offered – is there a buffet car (a must on a long journey), is there assistance for your baggage or for wheelchair users?  These questions if they apply to you are what you should ask when choosing your train fare and train operator.  Cheap travel is great but you don’t want to have to stand for hours in cattle class  in a packed commuter carriage at rush hour.

 Check the Train Lines Reliability

 Do you want to stand on a cold train station waiting for a late train?  Check to see which train operator offers the most reliable service. Theres nothing worse than missing a connecting journey because the old 1960′s British Rail era engine has packed in.

 Fast, Simple Booking of Train Tickets

 Can you book and print you train tickets online or do you have to stand in a queue at the booking office to redeem a voucher.  Last but not least would you be ready to pay less and get a cheaper train ticket at the loss of your convenience.

 By choosing what you feel is best for you and looking into all options carefully before buying your train tickets should make your trip a satisfying experience.  To make the planning of your journey even easier check out our helpful hints and resources.

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