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Student Train Tickets – Great Discounts Online

 Cheap train tickets are an important factor for most students, many of whom rely on the train line to get them to and from their student digs when visiting the parents. The lack of cash as a student also means you need to be on the lookout for a bargain at all times!

 A student rail card will cost you around £26 but will enable you to get a third off most train tickets, but there can often be a bigger savings of more than a third with off with individual rail companies. Alternatively you can purchase a railcard valid for 3 years at the cost of £65  which will give you added savings of £13, a great deal of money if you are a student

 If you bank with Nat West you could get your student rail card for free for one year so this is an option thats worthwhile thinking over.

Train Times – restrictions on cheap train travel during peak times.

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 There could be certain restrictions on when you travel and what time of the day you travel with all discounted tickets so check the terms and conditions carefully.  It often means you will have to avoid peak train times when the trains are crammed with commuters but make the most of this, when you’re student days are over you could well become one of the commuters stuck in the peak train times rush..!

 Many students like to travel by train as it gives them time to relax and talk to their travelling companions and on a plus side their trip is cheaper because of the cheap train tickets that they can buy with their discounted rail cards.

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