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Train Fares – why do prices vary so much?

Rail travel is becoming very competitive and often you will find that one provider of train tickets can offer a better price than another. In todays tough economic climate we need to make all the savings we can so how can you make sure that you aren’t paying over the odds for your train fare? 

Below are a few money saving, expert tips to reduce your train fares.

Book early for best deals

When booking your cheap train ticket in advance you could be looking at a ticket that is 60% cheaper than someone who only booked a week prior.  Another way you could get a cheap train ticket is by purchasing the night before; sometimes these deals can be had by just logging on at the right time.

Rail Passes – perfect for regular train users

By purchasing a rail pass this will get you a discount on your actual train ticket and if you are a frequent rail traveller it will benefit you immensely.  You will still have to buy a train ticket and reserve as normal. You must be aware also that there may be some limits as to when you can travel with a rail pass.

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These passes are available to all travellers allowing you to get a great discounted train ticket, you will benefit most from these passes if you are a frequent rail user travelling the same route but there are still deals to be had if you know where to look.

Travel Off-Peak to find cheap train fares

One of the best ways to get cheaper train fares is is by travelling off-peak.  Generally these times are considered to be outside of the standard morning and afternoon rush hours but make sure to check with the vendor as these train times can vary.  Prices can be reduced further by travelling mid week which helps to avoid the weekend leisure travellers with their luggage piled high.

Great travel deals can be had if you allow a degree of flexibility in your travel plans and can fit the train times that give the best savings.

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