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Train Ticket Lost?  - your rights

If you are reading this then it’s a good guess you have either misplaced or lost your train ticket.

 If you have bought train travel insurance for lost tickets then you should safely be reimbursed, but you should be aware that some insurance companies do take forever to pay out, so do not be under illusion that they will refund you in time for your train travel.

If you lose your Annual/Monthly or weekly train pass any tickets you bought against the rail pass become void. But if you have only lost the ticket and still have your pass then you can have your ticket replaced.  Your train pass is not replaceable or refundable.

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 If by any chance you have just lost your e ticket from the online site you used you can re-print it out again from your computer. 

Train travel is getting more and more popular not only just for the relaxing trip you can have, but is due to the ever increasing price of fuel, so by shopping around for cheap train fares you could be a great deal better off.

 Try us on – and see how you can save up to 80% off your train fares.

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