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Train Travel in UK Back in Vogue

 Taking the train in the United Kingdom is now a worthwhile option.  There was a time when train travel was definitely not considered an option -  the trains were always late or cancelled, and then you had the excuses in the event of bad weather – leaves on the line or the trainline is covered in snow. Times have changed for rail travel in the United Kingdom with more modern high speed trains and many opportunities to find cheap train tickets online.

 Today, many people take the decision to take internal flights, but when you consider the time it takes to get to the airport approx 1 hour then you have to be there around 2 hours for check in, you have already lost three hours. Most people live within an hour of a train station therefore you time your journey to reach the station about 15 minutes before the train departs.

 There are no security checks when travelling by train, your luggage stays with you so no waiting around for it to come onto a carousel, which can take another 30 mins at least. And then theres always the 1 in 5 chance you take that the baggage handlers have decided to play football with your case, or see how much damage they can inflict on it.

Train Times and Fares

train fares

 If you log onto one of the many train times and fares websites and want to book a ticket say to Glasgow today it could cost you over One hundred pounds for a single ticket.  This would also be around the same price as any low-cost airline. 

 By booking your train ticket one month in advance you can practically halve the cost of your journey, there are some amazing deals out there for you. 

Just go to  for some of the most exceptional deals around.

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